Cerberus Theory

As of now, we know that Blackbeard has two Devil Fruits within him, the Yami Yami no Mi and the Gura Gura no Mi. There are certain beliefs that prior to obtaining these two, he has a Zoan-type fruit. A possible name for the could be: Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Cerberus. 

          First of all, a quick review on what exactly a Zoan is. A Zoan is one of the three types of Devil Fruits along with Logia and Paramecia. It allows the user to transform into a different species or a hybrid-form of that said species. There are many types of Zoans:

Inanimate Object Zoan 
Due to Dr. Vegapunk's research, certain inanimate objects have been shown to eat Devil Fruits. Such examples are Lassoo and Funkfreed which are Mr. 4's bazooka and Spandam's sword respectively.

Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Dachshund 
Zou Zou no Mi

Awakened Zoan 
The Awakened Zoan are users who have attained the ability to be stronger, faster and tougher than what the Zoan Devil Fruits' abilities bestow normally. This also includes faster recovery time, which functions involuntarily even when the user is unconscious. Such users are the four Demon Guards of Sadi-chan in Impel Down.


Minozebra, Minokoala, and Minorhinoceros with Sadi-chan

Ancient Zoan

The Ancient Zoan are users who can transform into extinct animals, such as prehistoric reptiles and creatures. The only revealed user so far is X Drake.

X Drake facing a Pacifista

Carnivorous Zoan

The Carnivorous Zoan have a more bloodthirsty nature as compared to other Zoan-types. It is their predatory instincts that heighten this nature. A clear example of this is Rob Lucci, a member of CP9.

Rob Lucci in full-leopard form

Mythical Zoan 

The Mythical Zoan are a very rare but very powerful type of Devil Fruit. It allows the user to transform into mythical creatures like those one would see in legends. Only two users have been shown as of now, Marco of the Whitebeard Pirates, and Sengoku of the Marines.  

Marco, 1st Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates
Marco as a Phoenix

Marco in his phoenix-human hybrid form

(Former) Supreme Commander of the Marines, Sengoku

Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu

          The most appropriate type of Zoan for the Cerberus Theory is the Mythical Zoan. For one, it is considered to be a rare type of creature and its power is immense. 

          There are certain instances that back-up this claim. The Blackbeard Pirates' Jolly RogerShanks' wound, and the mere Existence of a Cerberus in the One Piece World.

Jolly Roger:

          The Jolly Roger, or the Pirate Flag, help determine who belong to whose crew. The designs usually reflect the interest of the captain. At other times it may be physical resemblance or the symbols behind them. In some sense, there is a reason or story for every Jolly Roger design. 

          For some reason, the design of the flag of the Blackbeard Pirates show three (3) skulls side by side. There hasn't been any explicit reasons for this but it might be revealed. 

Due to this, some think that the flag resembles the skull structure of a Cerberus.
Shanks' Wound:

          One other instance that aids the Cerberus claim, it is the wound on the left eye of Shanks. It consists of three diagonal scratch marks. 

          In Chapter 434, Shanks speaks with Whitebeard about Ace and eventually about Blackbeard as well. Shanks tells him that it was Blackbeard that caused the wound. 

Existence :

The mere stating and showing of its name and being respectively signals belief in its existence.

          Well somehow, this quote seems to be true. In Chapter 444 there was shown a Cerberus in Thriller Bark. 

Cerberus Zombie

One of its heads is a wolf

          There was another instance wherein a Cerberus was mentioned. This was during the CP9 Arc in Enies Lobby courthouse. In Chapter 387, during the Battle between the Franky Family and Baskerville, there was a comment on how Baskerville resembles a Cerberus.

Zambal calling Baskerville a Cerberus


  1. I have never noticed these things, but you make a good argument. wow that would be a sick call on your part haha

  2. DAAAANNNGG!!! THATS BEEEASTT! I so wish this is true! cause he will make a badass enemy with that many powers! just one question. The scar Shanks was given was 3 slash marks and a dog or (Cerberus) has 4 claws. Within the latest chapters in Punkhazard, it shows blackbeards weapon when fighting with Whitebeard and its a claw that Ninjas would use haha. But Im really hoping that this is true cause I want to see some bad ass fights with that Mythical Fruit!

  3. okay, I've checked for blackbeard and his weapon and its a claw. It doesn't have 3 blades on it so it can't be the weapon. A dog had 4 claws and to scar Shanks with Three left over marks. I would love to see this happen! like... if blackbeard had that power then that would be awesome! I just want this to make a lot more sense for me to be a lot more excite and sure. Sorry for trying to disagree, I just want to confirm something that might be mind blowing.

    1. Ah yes, I am quite aware of this~

      I haven't posted my Disproofs post yet. This is where people can start commenting on the small trivial matters that will seemingly weaken the theories. But hopefully, they can be backed-up by substantial information directly from the manga (like what I have done) in order to promote canon.

  4. But following this logic, Blackbeard can only have 3 powers... 4 at most if you count his human head as a separate one. Yet if I recall correctly, he has been running around for 2 years killing Devil Fruit users for the sake of gaining their powers. If each head allows him to have another power... he has 1 Paramecia, 1 Logia and 1 Zoan.

    That is 3 so either he already has as many powers as possible after taking Whitebeard's power, or he can take 1 more if his human head counts as a separate one.

    But as I said, he has been running around stealing multiple powers even after gaining the Gura Gura power. So it's almost impossible.

    Now there is one possibility, and that is that the Cerberus fruit can give multiple devil fruit powers to other people. That would solve the mentioned problem, it would mean that his crew will have 3 powers eventually as well.

    1. Yes, he's been traveling around defeating other Devil Fruit users. But there is no explicit statement that he does that to gain their powers. There isn't even a time wherein he shows that he has been successful in doing so.

      Please tell me where exactly in the manga it says that he is doing this, and proof that he has done it so I can post it here~


    2. Its also possible that using his Dark Dark Fruit he can remove powers from himself as well. He could be stealing powers from people to have an arsenal of interchangeable devil fruit powers. Which is... oh my god thats awesome!

    3. im pretty sure that stealing guragura no mi was the first attempt in doing so beacause even blackbeard and his crew wasnt sure if it works or not. thats why shiryu said if it doesnt work the crew will be disbanded..

    4. I always believed he was stealing powers and giving them to his crew, not keeping them for himself.

  5. I wouldn't give too much credibility in your theory, but it is an interesting one.

    To support your cause ;), you can add the fact that Cereberus is the gardian of the "underworld", and Blackbeard happen to have stolen Whitebeard's fruit-power when Whitebeard was just at the gate of hell !

  6. and I like the fact that Blackbeard may have been from the beginning aiming for :
    - the most powerfull Zoan-type : myhtical Cerberus
    - the most powerfull Logia-type : "dark" gravity stuff
    - the most powerfull Paramecia-type : Whitebeard's legen/wait for it/dary fruit-power

  7. I think it's interesting especially from the BB flag,
    but I wouldn't theorize too much about "fruit number limits":
    - We don't know for sure 1 fruit is the limit for a person
    - We don't know how fruits appear, how they are made by Vegapunk (SMILE zoan-types, including the new "dragon fruit"), "recycled" from the dead (Whitebeard, or the mera-mera fruit) or eaten by objects
    - Maybe man-made fruits behave differently from normal ones.
    - We don't know what happens to the fruit power when a fruit-user dies.

    Maybe BB has actually two identical brothers, or a Clone Clone paramecia fruit...

    Oda has a habit of defying predictions, and that's why One Piece is the greatest manga - and still improving !

    1. I think we already now from Enies Loby ark that one person can only gain 1 fruti power, the second one would kill him (because of modifying a human body second time).
      And somehow we know that fruits appears in the ocean as parts of a Devil it self. Every power of devil is seperated in fruits. When human has eaten it - fruit power has the owner. And when the owner dies - fruit goes back to the ocean where it could be found by someone else. Dunno about Vegapunk yet..
      About man made fruits.. Maybe it would be to early for plot to make the World goverment so powerfull, but I think if a man-made fruits could give or multiple powers or not to kill a man used secondly - there would be some kind of soldiers in General(how is it in english..oh.. the place where Ase died) ''place''. There was noone. Not only one man like a prorotype or sth.. So for now i think there are not such a fruits..
      About what happens when a fruit user dies a mentioned above.

      Maybe this ^ is a bullshit but it is in my head xD Im sorry if so))

    2. It doesn't go back in the ocean, it goes to the nearest fruit. Like the devil fruit of smiley in the punkhazard arc when it appear in the bag apple

  8. I, after a lot of thought, believe that the power of the darkness of BB's 1st fruit acts as some kind of filter between fruits. Maybe it only works if they are of different types, so BB can only have 3, which makes sense from a design and golden rule of 3 standpoint.

  9. Well,it is sad that when a devil's fruit user dies his fruit regrowth somewhere in the world.My theory is that blackbeard, somehow,managed to absorb the power of whitebeard when his fruit would regrowth immediately after he died.

    1. What if BB knew what happens after a devil fruit user dies, about the fact that the power transfers to another fruit, what if (and I know this sounds incredibly stupid)
      he coverd WB and brought a fruit with him under the cover, waited for WB's power to transfer and then..???.. profit. He covered him only so that others cannot see how simple and easy was to "steal" a devil fruit power from someone recently deceased. That still doesnt explain how he is capable of using WB's power.

  10. Cerberus theory is also hinted in this scene in Jaya.


  11. Blackbeard's Jolly Roger has 3 skulls, Shanks, got 3 scars, Blackbeard carries 3 guns, Cerberus has 3 heads, and if this is the case he would now possess 3 devil fruit powers! Hope I got everything right :D

  12. the proof on shanks' scar that made by BB as cerberus is not true. when ace visited shanks on the cave, shanks already have that scar and ace does not yet belong on whitebeard pirate so it means blackbeard does not yet eaten the yami yami no mi to make him cerberus(according on this theory) because BB eat this fruit when ace already on board (that's why he hunt BB for killing one of the WB crew for stealing this fruit).

    Resource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAF4Yq1mIdo (Episode 461 - ace meets shanks)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mk48KMnkuSU (ace already member of WB pirates and blackbeard does not yet have a devil fruit)

    1. Yami Yami no mi isn't a zoan type. You completely misread this whole thing hes trying to say Teach mythical zoan type could allow him to eat 3 DFs which means he must've already eaten the zoan type before he got his hands on the yami yami no mi and before he was apart of aces division

    2. Why would they wonder so late he has 2 DFs^^ and say he has 2 after he got WB when the whole crew already knows he has the cerberus aswell (not likly to hide a DF for decades especially when you use it to fight which he must to fir to the strange scare thorie). At this this BB fought with his 3 Blade Claw wich makes a 3scare wound. Why would a Zerberus make such a wound in the first place. He has 3 Heads each of them can bite and would not make such a scare. Then he gos pawns wich shoud be "normal" dog pawns and they have 5 claws and 4 of them point forward wich would make 4 scares. Then you can say but he is a Cerberus maybe he got only 3 forward or he hit only with 3. However with this arguing it just a wild guess.

  13. Well,BB first eat the zoan type devil fruit that maybe make him a cerberus. Maybe that is his first devil fruit. That time he does not already met portgas d ace. With that first power maybe he damaged shanks that leaved him a 3 scars on his left eye. Then,he started to hunt devil fruits because maybe BB knew that cerberus can gave him a chance to have multiple devil fruits.When he kill thatch,he ate the yami yami no mi.His second devil fruit. That fruit made him stronger and acquired the another rare power.That is the time when he met ace. So,the yami yami no mi is not the reason why shanks has scars.When he ate the yami yami he noticed that there is no side effect even he ate once. So thats the another reason to him to be more greedy to hunt.At last the gura gura no mi of WB. His third Devilfruit. Well,maybe he is still hunting unless there are no side effects. So i think before he ate yami yami he already damaged shanks with the use of zoan type devil fruit. Hahah. This is my idea. :)

  14. Dunno why the 3-skretch scare of a 3-blade Weapon (see the picture when WB claimed Fishman island (BB is shown with his weapon)) shoud count as indicator for cerberus^^.
    Zoro has 3 sowords, 3 earrings and always walks in 1 of the 3 wrong directions maybe he got the zerberus too. The other two indicator could count but it is a vry long shot^^

  15. Aaand, for dessert:

  16. i believe that the 3 heads in their jolly roger signifies the past, present, and future since Blackbeard pirates rely heavily on fate

  17. theory: it is a possibility that Blackbeard could have three devil fruits... My theory is that, yami yami no mi nullifies the devil fruit users' powers, therefore it is possible that Blackbeard can have 2 or more devil fruit powers. It is said that once a devil fruit user dies the power of the devil fruit transplanted itself to the nearest regular fruit in the area (e.g. an apple after the death of Smile, in the PunkHazard arc, turned into Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Axolotl). Probably when Whitebeard died Blackbeard have a fruit in him, which the Gura Gura no Mi powers transferred to, and then by using the power of Yami Yamo no Mi, he canceled the power of the devil fruit then he eats as it was a regular fruit, therefore he have a 2 or 3 devil fruit powers.